Property Management

SEE YOU SOON cares about you and your property

Property Management is so much more than just a simple inspection visit. In your absence, we resolve issues and make sure everything is handled adequately on your behalf.

The SEE YOU SOON team oversees and deals with matters related to the property for your peace of mind. This includes administrative work, organization and payment of services to guarantee the comfort and care of your home:

  • Regular checks & annual inspections to verify the condition of the property;
  • Property checks after unstable weather conditions are reported;
  • Major maintenance issues are addressed promptly;
  • Findings are reported and requirements / improvements noted;
  • Conservation or maintenance work organized (quotes, orders and supervision);
  • Technical assistance ordered and supervised (TV, internet, AC, electricity, etc.);
  • Service providers and other entities are contacted when necessary: cleaners, handymen, insurance companies, town hall, condominium administration, etc.;
  • Standards maintained and improved;
  • Monthly account reports sent;
  • Dealing with guests and providing on request services;
  • Dealing with fiscal representatives and immigration services (‘SEF’);
  • Advertising, calendar updates, pricings, etc.;
  • Payments (condominium fees, council tax (‘IMI’), service providers, suppliers, etc.)…